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6170 km2 inverted seismic
47 commercial projects
134 years of industry experience
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The future of seismic reservoir characterisation

Our core product WEB-AVO, a wave-equation based, AVO technology has been developed by the founders of Delft Inversion over a period of more than 10 R&D years at Delft University of Technology. During the first years after establishing Delft Inversion, the WEB-AVO technology was successfully applied in close collaboration with oil and gas operators to a wide range of business challenges in different geological plays around the globe.

The unique technological features of WEB-AVO led to many satisfied project partners and consequently allowed us to form and grow an experienced team with unrivaled expertise in this next generation seismic reservoir characterisation technology.

By today everybody at Delft Inversion shares one vision: Creating an edge for our clients and partners in the E&P, geothermal and CO2 storage industries by utilising our unique technology portfolio. Say hello to the future of seismic reservoir characterisation today; say hello to WEB-AVO.

Principles of our work

Developing new solutions by innovative technology is what motivates us. Offering technology that works is what satisfies us.

Working for and with your customers are two essentially different approaches. We believe that best results can only be achieved by open minded and close collaboration.

Creating value for our clients is not a choice but a necessity. You can be guaranteed that we do our best to deliver the best and most valuable results.

Not accepting the status quo is what we expect from every team member at our company. Overcoming current limits is what not only we but also our clients will benefit from.


Delft Inversion Icon Oil and Gas


Understanding your reservoir in the best possible way is crucial to successfully plan and implement the development of an oil/gas field. We help our clients to reduce field development costs by offering the full range of quantitative reservoir characterisation services: Structural delineation, lithology and fluid prediction, quantitative characterisation, time-lapse monitoring and more geophysical challenges.

Delft Inversion Icon Geothermal


The commercial feasibility of geothermal projects is highly dependent on the flow rates that will be achieved between injectors and producers. We assist operators of geothermal projects to improve certainty estimates (e.g. P90,P50,P10) by mapping geological lithologies as well as the corresponding porosity and permeability volumes. Here we are at the forefront of transferring technically proven E&P tools to a new industry.

Delft Inversion Icon CO2 Storage


Carbon capture and storage technologies have the potential to reduce the industrial emission of CO2 into the atmosphere by up to 90%. After injection of the CO2 into the subsurface, we quantitatively monitor the resulting plume based on seismic surface data. Time-lapse monitoring is key to ensure e.g. functionality of the seal rock and to guarantee that the entire injected CO2 is safely stored within the subsurface.


We are your partner in seismic reservoir characterisation!



Delft Partner Logo TU Delft
Delft University of Technology

Together with the Delft University of Technology we develop innovative seismic-based imaging tools for reducing the exploration risks associated with developing marginal gas fields in the North Sea. The joint research project is partly funded by the TKI Gas programme.

Delft Partner Logo TNO

In collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research we successfully applied WEB-AVO for quantitative characterization of the CO2 plume injected as part of the Sleipner CCS project.

Delft Partner Logo Seismic mechatronics
Seismic Mechatronics

Seismic Mechatronics and Delft Inversion carry out a combined R&D project to significantly improve the acquisition and processing of seismic data for high-resolution characterization of the near-surface. The project is co-financed within the MIT programme of the province of Zuid-Holland.

Delft Partner Logo PANterra
PanTerra Geoconsultants

Founded in 1988, PanTerra Geoconsultants is an independent provider of integrated reservoir evaluation services to the international energy industry. With its base in the Netherlands, PanTerra has a worldwide project portfolio focusing on Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa, Central Asia and the Far East.

Delft Partner Logo EBN

EBN is a company in the energy sector that was established 55 years ago to represent the government’s interest in producing oil and gas. Today EBN is redirecting its activities towards a sustainable energy system, while making a significant contribution towards society’s climate ambitions.

Delft Partner Logo Huisman
Huisman Geo

Huisman Geo combines the extensive design and manufacturing knowledge of Huisman, with the operational experience of drilling multiple wells in the European and US hydrocarbon and geothermal land drilling market.