Import horizon data

Module overview

What will you learn in this module?

In this module you will learn how to import horizons from .txt or .ascii files into Helios.

What input data will be required in this module?
  • Horizon data in column format (.ascii, .txt)
What output will you have created by the end of this module?
  • Horizon file in .dih format

Instructions and screenshots

Horizon data can be imported from the top menu of the main interface: Project > Import > Horizon

The file to be imported can be selected upon pressing the Horizon button.

Horizon data is expected to be loaded from a flat file (e.g. ascii, txt) with X-coordinate, Y-coordinate and the actual horizon value to be stored in columns. The columns need to be assigned together with the corresponding units. Upon import the units will internally be converted to the SI system.

The specified number of header lines will be skipped when reading the input file. This could be required if the for example the first row contains the column names.