Import well markers

What input data will be required in this module?

  • Well log file in .dil format
  • Well markers in column format (.ascii, .txt)

What output will you have created by the end of this module?

  • Well log file in .dil format with added markers

In this module you will learn how to import well markers from .txt or .ascii files into Helios. Well tops or markers can be imported from the top menu of the main interface: Project > Import > Well Markers. After clicking Load well a dialog opens and the user should choose the .dil file to which the deviation data should be imported. Well markers themselves should be provided as flat file (e.g. ascii, txt) and can be chosen by clicking the Load markers button. The file containing the deviation data to be imported can be previewed and the number of header lines to be skipped when reading the file can be specified. The user needs to specify the columns of the marker names and the corresponding MD values including unit. Upon import the MD will be converted to SI units. When pressing the Import button the well markers will be imported directly to the chosen .dil file.

  • Figure 1