Load input data for synthetic modelling

Module overview

What will you learn in this module?

In this module you will learn how load data into the modelling module in Helios.

What input data will be required in this module?
  • Well log data in .dil format
  • Ray-parameter range in .txt format
  • Wavelet(s) in .su format
What output will you have created in this module?
  • No data will be created in this module

Instructions and screenshots

Once the modelling module has been initialised, the required input data can be loaded with the Load data button on the top left.

To start with well log data needs to be loaded from a .dil file. We refer the user to the Import well logs section on how to import well logs from a .las file into Helios.

Once a .dil file has been selected, by default, compressibility, shear compliance and density logs will be displayed. For the convenience of the user the ray-parameter range is converted to angles using the log based P-velocity. It should be realised at this stage that all modelling will be performed for constant ray-parameters and the shown angles are for display purpose only. Ray-parameter gathers can be converted to offset or angle in the Domain conversion module.

Additional log displays can be added from the Logs tab on the bottom left.