Set ray-parameter range

Module overview

What will you learn in this module?

In this module you will learn how to load or set the ray-parameter range in the modelling module in Helios.

What input data will be required in this module?
  • No data will be required in this module
  • Optional: Ray-parameter range stored as array in .txt file
What output will you have created in this module?
  • No data will be created in this module

Instructions and screenshots

The user can define a ray-parameter range for which the synthetic data will be modelled. This can be done from the interface, or a ray-parameter range can be loaded from the Load data button. By default the ray-parameters are set to 11 values ranging between 1.00E-5 and 1.00E-4.

Whenever the ray-parameter range is adjusted by the user, the plotted angle range will be updated based on the loaded P-velocity. It needs to be mentioned that the current implementations of the different modelling types are valid for pre-critical angles only and computing synthetic data for post-critical angles is not supported yet.

In the situation that the maximum ray-parameter as set in the interface would translate into a post-critical angle for certain parts of the interval, the corresponding well logs will be displayed in red. This means that the maximum ray-parameter needs to be reduced or the maximum P-velocity needs to be lowered by increasing the up-scaling before the modelling can be performed.

The ray-parameter range can also be loaded directly from a .txt or .ascii file. In this case the ray-parameters are expected to be stored in a single column with no other data present in the file.