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Resolving Lateral Reservoir Properties Distribution by Seismic Inversion for Geothermal exploration

Authors: H. Gonzalez, P. Benitez, L. Hanemaaijer, A. Droujinina, M. Leewis, P. Doulgeris

Pluto 4D Monitor Two – a second outstanding success

Authors: Sandra Mann (Woodside Energy Ltd.) and Scott Gagen (Woodside Energy Ltd.)


Wave-Equation Based 4D Joint Inversion of PP and PS Seismic Data

Authors: P.E. Dhelie, J.A. Haugen, K.R. Straith, V. Danielsen, E. Davenne, N. Chasnikov, P. Doulgeris, A. Droujinina, A. Gisolf, H. Gonzalez, P. Haffinger, M. Zhang


Estimation of saturation changes at the Edvard Grieg field using simultaneous 4D Wave-Equation Based AVO inversion

Authors: P.E. Dhelie, V. Danielsen, K.R. Straith, A.O. Ndingwan, J.A. Haugen, A. Droujinina, P. Doulgeris, A. Gisolf, P. Haffinger and M. Zhang

4D Simultaneous Wave-Equation Based AVO Inversion Using a Sparseness Constraint: A Case Study from Australia

Authors: D. Gisolf, P. Doulgeris, M. Zhang, A. Droujinina, P. Haffinger, M. Simpson, P. Spaans, A. Gerhardt


Lithology Estimation at the Edvard Grieg Field Using Wave-Equation Based Seismic AVO Inversion

Authors: P.E. Dhelie, V. Danielsen, K.R. Straith, A.O. Ndingwan, A. Droujinina, P. Doulgeris, D. Gisolf, P. Haffinger, M. Zhang and A. Mannini


Quantifying the Effect of Overburden Multiples on Miocene Reservoirs in the Levantine Basin

Authors: P. Doulgeris, D. Anestoudis, P. Haffinger, A. Droujinina and D. Gisolf


Reservoir-oriented wave-equation-based seismic amplitude variation with offset inversion

Authors: Dries Gisolf, Peter R. Haffinger, and Panos Doulgeris

Quantitative Prediction of Injected CO2 at Sleipner Using Wave-equation Based AVO

Authors: P. Haffinger, F. Jedari Eyvazi, T.P.H. Steeghs, P. Doulgeris and A. Gisolf


Automated Full Waveform Seismic-to-well Tying

Authors: S. Bakrac, A. Gisolf, P. Doulgeris, G. Rizzuti and D.J. Verschuur

Resolving Carboniferous Stacked Channel Sequences with a Non-linear AVO Technology

Authors: M. Beller, P. Doulgeris, A. Gisolf, P. Haffinger, R. Huis in’t Veld and A.K.T. Wever

Reservoir Delineation by Applying a Nonlinear AVO Technique - A Case Study in the Nile Delta

Authors: P. Haffinger, P. von Wussow, P. Doulgeris, C. Henke and A. Gisolf


Non-linear Full Wavefield Inversion Applied to Carboniferous Reservoirs in the Wingate Gas Field (SNS, Offshore UK)

Authors: A. Gisolf, R. Huis in’t Veld, P. Haffinger, C. Hanitzsch, P. Doulgeris and P.C.H. Veeken